Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who Am I?

I’m the Golden Girls. 
I’m Sofia, I’m Rose, I’m Dorothy, sometimes Blanche.
I’m the Desperate Housewives.
I’m all of them.
I’m music in the morning. 
I’m Repunzel.
I’m Sleeping Beauty.
I’m Snow White.
I’m a dwarf.
I’m a beta fish on the counter. 
I’m a to do list on the marker board.
I’m a to do list in the daily planner.
I’m a to do list in the notebook.
I’m a to do list in my head.
I’m a to do about nothing.
I’m a pillow.
I’m a blanket.
I’m educational programming.
I’m Jerry Springer.
I’m Facebook.
I’m media marketed.
I’m a dry throat.
I’m unwashed hair.
I’m smeared mascara.
I’m tired eyes.
I’m sagging shoulders.
I’m a hanging head. 
I’m a lie in the middle of truth.
I’m coal in the middle of diamond.
I’m a missing appendage.
I’m a broken heart.
I’m an unanswered question.
I’m shame inside of pride.
I’m these same old dirty clothes.
I’m unwashed hair and untrimmed nails. 
I’m a smell in the garbage can.
I’m a hungry dog.
I’m a hungry woman.
I’m a crying baby.
I’m a lack of motivation.

I’m a giant piece of lazy. 
I’m so sick I’ll drive me crazy. 

[January 9, 2012]

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