Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ode To My Little Hot Water Bottle

I can see how much I have used you,
By the markings on your face.
The duct tape on your shoulder,
The hole in your heart.
Your twin was your tag partner for years,
Though he lost his head with the pressure.
You have held up in his absence,
You have proven the strength of being open.
You have taught me to use my emptiness,
For something greater than myself. 
I thank you for over a decade of assistance. 
I appreciate everything you have done,
Especially during my menses,
And that time during the night,
When I had a bladder infection during my pregnancy.
I would have been scared and irrational without you.
I would never have been able to know,
That I was able to cope with the pain,
With your warmth. 

January 7, 2012

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