Monday, July 8, 2013


Mom and Pop shop under the block,
Baby's in back with a bottle of blue.
Cornered by stars blazing out a new trail.
Solemn is secretly starting anew.

Equally distant and equally whole.
Silence is golden when silver is loud.
Learning to fulfill a much greater role. 
Shadow is darker when under a shroud.

Switched off; what is my folly?
Why be I the record broke?
I've housed myself inside your body,
swinging from your bloody rope.

At last I plummet from the cliff,
and settle in the stench of death.
I struggle to my feet, legs stiff,
To take my first eternal breath.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Growing Pains

Engaging is hard work.  It takes time, it takes patience.  It's an art.  Sometimes, what you need to do is disengage. 
Everyone has their own issues.
It's hard to focus on others while trying to maintain and heal yourself.
It can really seem selfish.  Accept it. Everyone needs to be okay with being a healthy amount of selfish.  Everyone needs to take time for the Self.  It's nobody's job to make you happy; it is your own responsibility.  Nobody can do it for you.  The dirty work is yours.  Do it for yourself, in your own way, however it is you heal.
Nobody will stop to hear you talk about your story because they're too caught up in writing their own? Write it.  Write it out long hand, page by page, word by word.  Bleed it out like from an opened vein and put the pain to rest.

Kitty Spit Resurrection!

Celie was playing over by the dog pen today and pushed her kitty through the fence.  I did't see her do this.  She started screaming and I ran over, thinking they hurt her somehow.  Her back was to me and she didn't turn to face me, so I figured it couldn't be that bad.  She didn't turn because she was watching and upset about the outcome that was playing out.  She was learning the consequences of handing over her beloved toy which she probably squeezed through the fence just to see what would happen. She found out. 
Kitty was resurrected today, freed from a fetal sac of spit, like a new born calf. It was so disgusting; I about had to chew through it myself, like a wild mammal.  Dog spit should be used as an industrial adhesive!  At least the kitty was saved, unlike some other things she threw in it afterwards.  Kids aren't the best scientists but they sure do experiment a lot!