Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beginning's End

Tell us about the beginning of your life.  (NaBloPoMo January 10, 2012)

“Let’s start from the very beginning - a very good place to start.”
– The Sound of Music

Truth be told, I can’t remember the very beginning of my life.  As I posted yesterday, I can remember pretty far back, but not into my mother’s uterus or anything.  

First of all, I think that it is interesting that this asked about the beginning of my life and not my childhood or my youth.  Mostly, I suppose, because in a way I feel like the “beginning” of my life has just ended and I have perhaps just stepped into the middle.  That’s hoping there is a middle and I don’t just leap off into the “end” somewhere eventually.  

I am now entering motherhood and leaving all of my childhood behind me – my beginning.  I am 31 years old.  I was born in 1980.  I graduated high school in 1999.  I started college in 1999 and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Arts.  I started dating my husband in November 2003.  We moved into our current place of residence in 2004.  I established my home business Drifting Sun in 2005.  We got engaged at Christmas in 2005 and were married in July of 2007.  We got pregnant with our first baby in November of 2009 and I gave birth to our daughter in August of 2010.  A light came on in 2011 and I am setting out down a definite path in 2012.

This year is either the beginning of the middle of my life or the end of the beginning.  I am changing so as to better fit into the future.  I am going to be the creator in my life.  I think that I had a very good beginning; a decent enough upbringing, and very blessed in the grand scheme of things.  I’ve had the past nearly 8 years living where we live and establishing and strengthening friendships.  I feel that I had a very good beginning to see me into the future, to see me onto the path of my life.  Given, a lot is still up in the air.  It’s a beginning after all, a new beginning.  The end of the beginning.  But every end is really a new beginning.  I am technically always beginning, always continuing on the path, and I very well may never stop – until the end.

“This is not the end.  It is not the beginning of the end.  It is the end of the beginning.”  (Some 80’s movie...quote at the end…anyone remember??)

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