Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Break in Routine

Obsession.  What is it?  Who knows, I’m too obsessed to look it up.   I’m having a moment so just bare with me. 

I know my mind is artsy fartsy and out there, but I’m just a normal person… I suppose my spirit is that of a writer though and that makes me a little looney sometimes.  I think too much.  I think all the time.  It doesn’t stop.  I think my husband can actually shut his mind of (half the time when I talk to him I wonder if that is what he has done! Ha.) But what a luxury, right?  Seriously!  Obsession!  Why is my mind such a baby that needs catered to with the correct stimulation?  

I am catering to my daughter on a daily basis, and I’m struggling to fulfill her daily wants and give her stimulation, while at the same time craving and wanting my own stimulation.  I have come to realize that it comes in multiple forms.  Right now I am obsessed with a break from routine, yet I continually fail to establish a routine for myself.  I’m still following the pattern.  It’s just nothing is precise.  There’s the understatement of the century.

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