Friday, February 28, 2014

Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment!

Interferential Electro-Therapy might sound like something you would get if you were taken off by the white coats, but it's actually not as bad as it sounds.  It's really pretty awesome.  It's used as a therapeutic cure for pain and to aid in the healing of soft tissue.  The idea of being hooked up to electrodes might be a little intimidating, but it's actually pretty relaxing, once the tickle goes away. 

I've been receiving therapy at the chiropractor off and on for roughly 4 years or so now.  We started out on my neck, because that was my problem area at the time.  This therapy is used to reduce swelling and aid in the relief from pain, promoting soft tissue healing. The low-frequency stimulation that is created prompts the body to secrete endorphins and other natural pain killers. Today, I get the electrodes simultaneously on my neck/shoulders and my lower back. I lay down on a table, they put four electrodes on each area, and then cover me up with hot towels. towels! It is heavenly. The degree of 'shock' is controlled and we generally stick to the setting I have been receiving. It is funny how when they gradually increase it to your level, it feels weird and almost 'too much' but I've found that this goes away after you adjust to it, so it's best to go higher than is necessarily 'comfortable'. It tickles for a bit, but by the time you are done with your fifteen minutes, you are in a sense numbed to the intensity of electricity flowing through your flesh.

I received Electro-Therapy originally on my neck to loosen up my muscles so I would pop more easily and my tense muscles would accept the adjustment better. It seems to have helped, but I have benefited much from going to the chiropractor in general. I received the therapy even when I was pregnant. Once I couldn't lay flat anymore they sat me up in a special chair. My chiropractor stopped with the therapy once I was so far along, though, lest it send me into early labor or something.

I went for an MRI my chiropractor ordered a year or two ago because I was experiencing numbness in my arms and legs at times. It turns out that, while also having arthritis in my lower back already in my early thirties, I actually have a bulged disc in my lower back. This will 'go out' at times, and also affects the surrounding area. She changed the way she aligned my pelvis because of this, and I don't have as many problems with it now, although, I carry myself and lift things in a way that I don't stress the area so bad. I think the bulged disc originated from either one of the multiple times I have fallen down a set of stairs in my life, or from a three-wheeler accident I had with my sister in high school. My lower back is the worst area in my body, though, so this more than likely occurred early on.

I had three different curves in my spine when I started receiving chiropractic care. I know that I wouldn't have been able to comfortably carry my daughter past my due date like I did without being aligned all throughout my pregnancy. I'm very grateful for what it has done for my body. Electro-Therapy is one of the best ways to loosen up tense muscles and it aids in easing them into holding their new positions. For someone with muscular or skeletal problems, fifteen minutes never felt so good.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Give Me Some Sugar: Saturday Night on the Town

Pure Cane Sugar
State College, PA
February 15, 2014

Truth be told, I had never been to Zeno's until last night.  Embarrassingly enough, I never made it into this local hotspot.  Heard great things.  Frequented by friends.  Never had the honor.  I had, however, seen Pure Cane Sugar @ Aldo's in Altoona for the Harlots and Halos Festival. At least, I saw a fraction of Pure Cane Sugar, they were completely acoustic and also without Molly, who was home with a sick baby that night.  Last night was a new experience as I was witness to the full sound of the band and the tremendous vibration of the three part harmonies those lovely ladies make.  A mighty chord was struck as I saw Pure Cane Sugar perform in all of their harmonious glory at Zenos.

We lucked into a table up front thanks to the determined efforts of my girl, Melissa! We got ourselves a pitcher and prepared ourselves as the band set up. It was a full house on this night and the ladies were fantastic. They opened, to my delight, with a beautiful rendition of Bob Dylan's A Hard Rain. Kate comes out ready for the show. They share verses, each one bringing her own timber and shine, working their way through the cerebral tale of a song. What an epic way to open! Throughout the night we enjoyed many of their originals which induced bopping and dancing; it became contagious. They have an impressive selection of covers they play and excellent musical taste, bringing their own jolly rock to everything they do. We heard covers of Bruce Springsteen's I'm on Fire, Big Hard World by Eddie Vedder, Come Together by the Beatles. They played Old Man and Southern Man, which I heard at Aldo's, but were so much fuller with Molly's vocals and the backing band this time.

Molly beat on the bongos in perfect rhythm. Natalie crooned out her sultry sound while working a tambourine like a pro. Kate's ferociously fast on acoustic guitar, switching between her 12 string and 6. On this night, they were backed by a lead guitarist, bassist, and drummer. It was interesting to see them initially without the full band so I had the ability to compare. I was ecstatic to hear Mr. Soul this time!!! They also did a solid performance of Dolly Parton's Jolene and a great take of The Civil Wars' Barton Holler. Excellent taste in music!

Kate is impressive on acoustic guitar; her pocket is flawless. Molly is a sight on the bongos, wildly drumming, her hair flying as she is lost in the rhythm. Natalie is like a beautiful gypsy, singing and dancing. It's impressive when people can create such a signature sound from their harmonies the way that Pure Cane Sugar can do. Nuances are incredibly important and there is something to be said about a good harmony backing or shaker. I haven't seen such rhythmic tambourine and phenomenal femininity since I saw Steve Nicks in 2012. These local girls rock. Pure Cane Sugar, every Saturday at Zenos bar. It's a time!

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Heart of the Matter

Happy Valentine's Day!  I believe people put entirely too much pressure on this day for romance, but it is a nice holiday...mostly if you aren't single.  I'm all for the Jehova's Witness way of viewing every day the same in this case.  Just like church on Sunday won't redeem you from a week of sin, you can't disrespect your lover all year and bank on a really sweet bouquet, a clever poem, or heart shaped box to win it.  In that aspect, I do detest the potential fraudulent nature of the day.  Everyday should be devoted to love, right?  I would much rather receive flowers on a normal day "just because" than demand to have them on Valentine's Day.  HOWEVER, no one can deny it is lovely to receive remembrances from your Beloved.  It makes you feel good, right?  To give and to receive.  Plus, it's mostly symbolic, as with most holidays, anyway...and highly commercialized.

As for me, nothing says I Love You like a new fedora and wrist supports!!  Yes...wrist supports.  Hey, it's what I wanted!!  Well, I also got Melissa Etheridge's album, "The Road Less Traveled" and ate some Chinese buffet with my husband without our child!  Walmart and Chinese food, such romance.  "I love the way you woo me!"  What it comes down to is that it doesn't matter WHAT you do, unless you're an asshole about it. Time is really the best gift you can give someone.

It's the THOUGHT that counts.  What's on your mind?  The idea in your heart...the mental occupancy.  I've eaten at the truck stop for Valentine's Day...I've also done nothing, and that was fine.  Flowers and chocolates are nice, but I'd much rather be on your mind.  Although, not losing the feeling in my hands and scoring a new fedora is pretty sexy in my book too!  Happy overrated commercialized chocolate flower card day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Daily Dialogue #6

Blessed be the day for me and mine.  All things shall heal in time.  The sun shall forever shine on the world like a giant mother, watching and spreading her warmth.  I feel I have fallen from the top of a great tree,  through dark skies, and gnarled limbs beat against my face as I make my way down, down, down...into the fog at the base of this gnarled tree of life. Its roots are exposed.  It's drying up and drying out.  It's screaming into the wind at a pitch only other trees can hear.  The Hollow echoes its pain through itself, deadening and strengthening the other trees simultaneously.  Great oaks bark into the night.  Maples howl onto the moon and vibrate their wooden words into the cold ether. 
Which dimension does the voice get lost in?  What cloud does the sound hide in?


Friday, February 7, 2014

Counting on Numbers: Do you see the signs?

Do you ever see a certain number start to pop up and then that number will haunt you progressively over time?  You see it on receipts, every time you seem to glance at the clock, it jumps out at you from billboards, addresses, totals, and so on...and so forth.  I see so many numbers pop out at me I feel like I am carrying on an ongoing conversation with the Universe.  Last year I got really into numerology after having been catching triple digits daily ever since the fall of 2010.  I believe that the world is alive and is constantly "talking" to you, but the thing is you and the world are kind of like twins or lovers, in that you have your own unique language or means of communication.  Some things stand out to you, or speak to your soul.  Whatever this thing is, if this is what gets your attention then HERE'S YOUR SIGN.  Carl Jung called these things that catch your eyes "synchronicity".  My grandmother called them "God-incidences", as in coincidences from God.  Basically, the same thing, right? Semantics.   Whatever name you call it, it's what I believe. Numbers are what stands out to me and that's where I am given some of my wildest synchronicities.

As I said, I started seeing triple digits regularly in 2010.  The very first one that I remember seeing daily was 4:44 and this wasn't even reserved to once a day, as I would catch it often while up nursing my daughter.  What was interesting was the time frame that it started.  I was pretty emotionally exhausted and physically fatigued, floating head down in Life and Death soup.  It started happening enough that I took note.  It started happening enough that it was weird and was one...strange...coincidence. 

I started seeing different triples. 3:33 came next, and 2:22, 5:55. You name it, I've probably seen it. Sometimes I see 909, or 919. I was chased by 11:11 for a good number of months. 10:10, 12:12...all different clocks, all different places. Different thoughts. Different instances when they were right there. Pull into the driveway as a song plays, coincidentally come to a stop right as it ends and the clock reads 5:55. Speak a life affirming line to yourself, turn to the clock and it's 11:11. Sure, it IS just a coincidence, but when things happen like this to you TOO often it's hard not to feel the movements, let alone BELIEVE in this divine dance that seems to be taking place. It's just too hard not to...because by this point, as you turn and face the clock and it reads a triple, or repeat pattern, or what have you at a revealing start to say "Of COURSE it is. Of course!!" Maybe it in effect IS because you expect it, but how can your internal clock know when to look at every clock around you, not just your watch that it could sync itself up with? Because you may be expecting it, but you aren't looking for it or waiting for it...there is a difference. This is a clue...a clue that shows how every minute, every thread in the fabric of time is connected.

There are some beliefs in numerology as to what each number pattern means, but how can we even know that? The truth is we don't know jack shit. The only truth is our personal truth and that is our own perspective, it's subjective, which, basically, to quote The Dude, is "just, like, your opinion, man!" If it's true to me, it's real. Well, if it's true to you, isn't it real? I am never on time but I have a great relationship with the clock. It's just my Synchronicity Station. Maybe I set myself up to see them, but then why do the patterns randomly change? I do still see triple digits probably at least once a day on average I'd say, but I am haunted by the 44 as of late!! Probably around 75% of the time I look at the clock it's a 44, as in 5:44, 7:44, 11:44...and so on and so forth. Today, for instance, on top of seeing at least two or more :44's, I witnessed 4:44 and 5:55, on different clocks (SIDENOTE: just NOW,while writing this looked up and saw 12:44...that's what I'm talking about.) It's uncanny. It might seem ridiculous but I can't help how many times I see numbers. I find it the most humorous when I glance at the clock and catch one JUST as it switches. It's easy to write it off as the crazy following of coincidences, but when it happens to you and seems to be responding to your own thoughts and changes your relationship with yourself and your view of your personal Universe, you'll know it.

So, every day coincidentally I see something. I expect it, maybe at times, but I don't sit and wait and watch for it. I look at the clock throughout the day, but I don't do it obsessively or more so than I'd say the normal person does. I'm not on a 'schedule' of any kind, so there is no reason for me to check overly often. It doesn't even have to be a found on clock, could be page numbers, temperatures, addresses, receipts, amounts, etc., ETC.! Most times it is when rising and walking into another room, glancing at the clock as I go by. BAM! Or coming in the door or taking my leave, or finishing something up, or beginning something, you glance at the clock while on your way through...and there's your sign. And eventually you begin to count on numbers because their presence is reassuring to you. So what does it all mean??

I have talked to people that have also experienced the triple digit phenomenon, and while most people will have caught a few of them in their lives and noted the mighty 11:11 on occasions, you know when someone has systematically been chased by numbers too. They get goosebumps when you tell them about your stories...because it gets to the point that it's like seeing a ghost. Because of WHEN it happens. And this When might only be aligned with your own personal inner dialogue, but that is what MAKES the coincidence. It's when the sign itself, while in and of itself is an exciting phenomena, leads you to a decision or choice because of its precise whereabouts on the fabric of time. Sometimes you just have to say "WHAT are the fucking odds??" And eventually if you say that to yourself enough times you realize that even if you are only communicating with yourself, some kind on guidance or gift or leading is being done. It becomes the dangling carrot. And while you still utilize your masterful mind of logic to lead your life, just need to follow the signs.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"What is hidden in that shadow?"

What is hidden in that shadow,
Behind the overcoat of darkness?
What is shadowed by the hidden,
In its mystery and starkness?

Who is shirking in the shadow,
drawing back from golden light?
Who is lurking at the window
watching the sun shine at night?

Death is waiting for my brothers
to play the long forgotten tune.
Life is waiting for the Others
to face the dark side of the moon.

What is hidden in that shadow
that I can't see with my eyes?
What is unseen in ugliness
and lost in beautiful lies?

What is hidden in that shadow
under the thoughts and forms of pain?
What is wrong with letting go
of your umbrella in the rain?

What is hidden in that shadow
beyond the glow of your city lights?
Who is waiting on the horizon
to take you where you set your sights?