Friday, January 13, 2012

Coating Screens and Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th!  A wonderful day to screen.  I am waiting for my emulsion to settle (2 hours) and then I am coating two screens for a job I have before I escape into the night for an evening of music at an Old House

I got out earlier today for about an hour and a half with two of my buddies.  We got to shoot some pool and play with my laptop on the WiFi and have a couple of drinks.  It is immensely amazing to be able to unwind with friends and I am so grateful that Joey stays home with the baby while I do so.  That's a good husband! 

I mixed some emulsion earlier but I had to let it settle for air bubbles and such after mixing it.  I mixed the two parts, the emulsion and then a diazo that is a powder that you mix with distilled water (think iodine mix) and add it into the pink and stir stir stir.  I got some of the diazo on my fingers, I probably should have been wearing gloves, and now a couple of my fingers are dyed amber/yellow.  Hmm.  At least we are in Pennsylvania and not California, I guess it only causes the cancer out there.  :/  I'm going to coat the screens after I post this. 

It is Friday the 13th!  I figure I can't waste this night.  Not that my night would be wasted at home, but for a change I think I have things under semi control around here.  Release!  

We had a full moon recently, it would have been wild if it would have lined up with today.  I can't sit here on Friday the 13th.  I want to take advantage of my energy.  The air is crisp tonight.  We have snow and some decent wind.  I hope the roads are safe for the journey over and back.  Up until now we were having warm days for January.  Imagine that.  It's cold and snowy in January!  Tonight is a night for wine and song.  Screening directly then revelry bound. 

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