Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Change, Confusion and Time

So, Change comes busting down my door recently with his buddy Confusion.
I’d been seeing him lately everywhere I go, but I thought it was an illusion.
They got me up against the wall; block my face with my hands.
They beat me bad, and then play nice, but they get me in the guts.
Man, it was fucking nuts.
Well, Change says, “Why don’t we go see what Time is doing?”
Confusion got a puzzled look on his face, like it would be an intrusion.
Time’s wasting away, sitting in the dark.
Looking for a light, searching for a spark.
Confusion trips through Time’s door, and he folds over on himself.
Shoulda watched where he was going, ol’ Time’s not in the greatest health.
“Shut the door!” Time says, dusting himself off.
“Rent’s due.  Chaos is coming, and he’ll be shittin’ rocks.” 

[February 7, 2011]

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