Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Anti-Social Network: How Misanthropes Hug the World

"Networking n:  the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions."
Miriam Webster’s dictionary describes a network as a “system of elements”.  A group of “constituent parts.”  I am currently without internet and have been for over a week now, and it’s got me thinking about this web that we weave…that we have woven. 
I look at my computer with its screen saver on.
Windows on pause.
It seems such a vacant, useless item without “the network”. 
The network keeps me informed.
It keeps me social. Keeps me sane.
My computer is in my dining room, and I see it all through my day; it is easily accessible.  It is incredibly simple for me to jump on for short periods of time during my day and see what is up on Facebook, read an article or blog, or look up something on YouTube.  What I have learned is that I require the internet to feel human.  I need to see there are other people out there, even if I don’t want them in front of me.  Even the misanthrope needs a hug once in awhile.  

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