Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playful Thoughts on Right and Wrong

Watching my daughter today, I had a thought.  Well, truthfully, I had a couple of them.  She was idly playing with her boots after I had taken them off of her and I had opened the fridge door in order to put something into it and she placed one of her boots inside the door so it didn’t shut behind me.  I opened it and got her boot out and while doing this she sticks the other boot in, with her head half cocked, placing it there with delicacy, just to see what would happen.  She is in that placing things on things stage.  It’s funny to watch.  It’s interesting, though, because it got me thinking about that type of whimsical play.  There’s no real definitive point to anything in my daughter’s world.  There really aren’t any boundaries yet.  She has begun to learn and understand what “No” is but it still has little meaning to her.  She doesn’t have the capacity to understand true horror yet; she is working on learning good from bad, right from wrong.  This got me thinking that possibly, the moment that we begin to lose our curiosity and exploratory personality we start aging indefinitely.  But then I thought, that isn’t what seems to break the spirit in a child.  It’s what follows this stage that seems to hurt more.  When a child learns that they are either right - or wrong.  

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