Monday, January 16, 2012

"I'm Taking it Back!" - The Resurrection of ICQ

I just installed ICQ 7.7.  ICQ, if you are not aware, is a nifty little program that I think created the internet back in the 90’s.  Not really, but it was a lovely and simple program that was pretty much the precursor to text messaging if you think about.  It was glorious.  You had a number.  You had a contact list.  You messaged people privately. (Privacy? Remember that?)  Or you could chat with groups of people.  A good time was had by all.  It can really go hand in hand with a young teenager learning their way around the web.  It is also good I kept a good head about me.  I was a young girl with access to many anonymous people from all over the world.  I received at least two phone calls from people I talked to on the net while in high school.  (They were actually people I talked to for a long time on ICQ, I didn’t just let anyone call me!  It’s still scary in retrospect if you think about it, though.  This is one of the many instances that I am immensely proud of my past self because it had that could have gone bad air about it.  But yes – I let guys call me from South Carolina and from Canada before because of ICQ.)

I think that ICQ perhaps got lost in the madness of AOL Instant Messenger.  While this was a neat little proggie as well, I never found it as satisfying or appealing as ICQ.  I always missed ICQ, but after my friends weren’t using it anymore and everyone “moved on” what was the point?

I am becoming continually more frustrated with Facebook.  I started a Twitter account to follow Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde, among other things, but that was a main one, and I am intrigued by its possibilities and I love love love how ICQ now hooks up to Twitter.  It is supposedly able to hook up to your Facebook also but it is having a problem with that currently.  Hm. Isn’t that interesting?  Screw Facebook.  It’s a love hate relationship anymore.  It’s like Walmart.  Nothing can be good forever.  It’s like a band once they make it; you almost have to remember them for what they were before they sold out and changed in order to fit in with the money.  Bah.

So I’m picking and choosing what I want from the mainstream media machine that is ‘creating’ us.  I’m choosing to blog.  I’m choosing to Twitter.  Yes, I’ll still Facebook reluctantly, but I’m taking ICQ back!  I want to explore it in its updated form and see what it has to offer the web user today.  This should be interesting.  So there you have it.  I’m taking it back!  Join me if you want.  The echo is pretty damn loud in here.  So far only one guy from Spain that follows me on Twitter has found me.  It’s just me and Javier for now, but let’s wait and see who’s coming with me!  I feel like it is the apocalypse and you have to travel around seeking survivors. ICQ-Q-Q-Q-Q???!!  

[My name is Missie Sue.  My number is 635303735.  I am predominantly right brain bored.  Idiosyncrasies keep me going.  ICQ for conversation. My left brain will give my right brain the message.  ;P]

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