Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Blog #1: "Write On!"

So, for whatever reason, mainly I suppose to stoke up the fires of my creativity, I have chosen to do my best to participate in BlogHer’s November NaBloPoMo blogging event.  That is, National Blog Posting Month.  I think it’s an interesting challenge.  I have wanted to blog more often, and forcing myself to blog once a day for a month will definitely help get me going.  Should be interesting.  As per BlogHer’s November 1st prompt, here is a rant considering the question:  “What is your favorite part of writing?”

I can’t be sure as to what my favorite specific part of writing is, so I suppose I will try to come to a conclusion by doing what is definitely one of the great parts of writing…letting it flow.  Venting and letting it all out, the cathartic aspect of writing, is one of the best things about it, but is it my favorite?  Maybe.  OR maybe it's the compelling feeling I have to do it?   I couldn't imagine if I couldn't express myself in writing.  Maybe it’s the versatility?  You can do it pretty much anywhere.  I’m typing this up a day late on the computer because I was left without power last night, but in the candlelight I could still write…and play the guitar.  Old timey style candle lit song and musings.  Words and music.  There’s something so warm about that; even though I was reduced to candle for warmth and light, and perhaps even company to a degree, I was pretty “snuggly” on this evening.  I played some guitar and worked on viddying myself for a post on ye olde YouTube’s, wrote a little with some power-outage-induced reflection, and talked to Omega…the betta fish.  He had a candle all his own for warmth in the night also. I digress. 

Writing comes and goes, but it always is and always comes back, if that makes any sense.  Writing can have seasons.  I either get in a rut, or am inspired beyond words, but it is still always there waiting to emerge, waiting for the light of my attention.  If I take a break, I find it again.  Writing has been a constant, I suppose, in my life that has carried me through everything I have been through.  Somehow if I could express myself in words, all was not lost.  I find my writing is my “Footprints”, carrying me through the difficult times.  I seem to write more when I am lost or distraught, I guess searching if you will.  To me, writing is a cathartic expression; a flow of thought; a time to be reflective with the self.  At times, depending on what you are doing, I believe writing can even be a spiritual event. There are tales of automatic writing.  Writing is communication, regardless of realm, whether it be inside your head or out. 

Writing truly is an art form.  I also greatly enjoy practicing my “word-smithing” and synergy.  Working along with someone on some lyrics or some other common literary goal stimulates critical thinking, and becomes a puzzle of sorts with the goal of completion.  When you are matched up with the right partner and the energy is good, the words seem to flow easier than anything. 
Writing is a way of sharing yourself.  You express what is inside and you in turn share this with others (if you choose).  Either way, the release is there.  You don’t need an audience, though some people benefit from it.  It’s all good. 

It is hard, indeed, to choose one part of writing that is my favorite.  The physical aspect of writing alone, on tablet, book, sheet…pen to page…is joyful.  There are few things quite like the initial drag of the ball point across a fresh white page, like the first brush stroke of an artist on an open canvas.  Endless possibilities.  I am the creator. 

What is my favorite part of writing?  Me.  Writing is a part of me; therefore, I am a part of writing.  We all, writers and bloggers alike, are a part of writing.  It's a part of us.  Hell, we created it.  We have simply always felt compelled to create on that blank page, to bring something out into the physical, to…write.  Too right.  Right on.  Write.On. 

Me to You,
Missie Sue

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