Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Blog #10: "Some Privacy Please!"

November 10, 2011 Prompt:  What is your secret (or not so secret) passion?

My secret passion.  What is my secret passion?  Can you really keep a secret? 

I am passionate about my daughter and my life as a mother and wife.  This passion should be pretty obvious, though.  I am passionate about my family, friends, and relationships.  I am passionate enough about my line of work and am as much as I can be about my duties in life.  It’s hard to carry on the monotony with continual “passion”, though. 

I am passionate about music and playing the guitar.  I am passionate about my writing.  I am passionate about my creative expressions and projects.  I suppose a lot of these things do remain a secret.  Many of them aren’t viewed by many eyes other than my own.  And I’m okay with that.   I made this blog but didn’t figure on tons of people reading it, and that is okay with me.  That isn’t why I made it. 

It may not be a secret, or be on the down low, especially as I am technically blogging to the world, but I’m secretly passionate about privacy.  Yeah..wait.  I think I really am.  That’s it.  Or, perhaps, even just “alone time”.  I’m doing this blog to express myself, but I don’t really care who or if anyone reads it, I will do it anyway.  

I am a member of Facebook and I take part in this social madness that we have created this decade.  It is unlike anything else in history really.  The word sharing has changed its meaning.  It’s a new world and it is hard to exist in it without getting caught up in the new “sharing” craze.  Share everything!  Everything that is “on your mind!”  It doesn’t seem like someone could possibly value their privacy and still partake in a world like this.  At the very least it is extremely hypocritical of me (or us), but we all need human interaction.  You try to represent yourself honestly but maintain a sense of privacy while still getting across who you are as a human being to the world.  But it’s hard to maintain a happy medium on the interwebs, isn’t it?  

The trouble is, privacy doesn’t really exist anymore.  With all the stalker gadgets that already exist on phones and computer programs, added to how voyeuristic Facebook and every other site is, there is really becoming no sense of privacy.  (Not to mention how the Patriot Act changed stuff, but I guess I just mentioned it.) 

I like to create and I like to write, which means I like to communicate.  I have a good amount of friends and get visits from them and my family, but I also like to enjoy a good amount of time being left the hell alone.   It’s nothing against people…I just don’t like them.  (Haah.  I jest.)  Call me a misanthrope, but I almost need as much time alone as I require socially interacting with people.  I either have just adapted that way about me from the way I was socialized or this is just my nature.  I am not sure which; it is just how I am. 

I live back in the woods with no real neighbors.  I am a bit of a hermit and I think that my argument for the lifestyle is founded.  I don’t want to leave.  Why bother?  Trips to town are so tedious and risky on the wagon.  I have everything I need here!  I leave when I need to; it’s not like I’m a compulsive shut in or anything like that, I’m just a bit of a homebody.  And so you wouldn’t think a hermit like me would be blogging of all things, it’s quite ironic, but I am and I do.  I like to share and I like to communicate, but I also understand people need some personal space.  

Unfortunately, every new contraption that comes out now seems to be created in order to make something about your life more easily made public.  I mean, pretty soon we’ll …be sharing our menstrual cycles with a tracking application on your Facebook profile.  It’ll update your friends when you have ovulated and are most fertile!  It’ll tell them when you are at your most hormonal and it is best to avoid you.  “Jane Doe is on the 24th day of her cycle today.  She is likely now bloated, irritable, and retaining some extra water weight.” 

Or aren’t the GPS updates funny all of the time??  Like we have to know where and what everyone is doing every second of their days?  "John Doe has checked in at Home"  Oh, wow, good for you John, I see you made it home.  “John Doe has inserted his penis into his wife's vagina.”  It’s not that far fetched.  I might actually be on to something here. Lol!

Anyway, I really am a partial social butterfly, but I am a private person to a decent degree.  And I suppose that is my secret passion:  that I require downtime; that I require some alone time without anyone else.  Hell, I even require silence.  I generally will listen to music most of the times, and/or have the television on for background noise at the same time at times, but sometimes, I just enjoy and need a time with silence, so I shut everything off and stay in it for awhile until my head clears. 

I love people, but can’t stand them at the same time.  I am very inspired and charged by my family, circle of friends and by interacting socially, but I recharge when I am alone.  I work on me.  And I need a lot of it... ;)

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