Saturday, November 26, 2011

November Blog #26: "“The Contacts Removed: My 4 Straight Weeks in Soft Lenses"

"I Can See Clearly Now..."

I took my contacts out today.  My Acuvue with Hydraclear contacts have beenamazing, but my eyes needed a break.  I sit here in my glasses.  It was an adjustment getting back to wearing the glasses again.  At first they seemed like such mechanical instruments; so foreign and weird.  I could definitely tell right away how distorted my vision sort of is through my glasses.  They sit farther off of my eyes than contacts.  They are a little old so they are bent and scratched up. 

With this experiment I found that contacts intended forweekly wear can comfortably make it up until a month of wear.  I also only had saline solution for use during this month, up until around 2 days prior to removal.  I think that this “experiment” proved that I can definitely get more wear out of my lenses than they are intended for even with sub par conditions.  I am excited to order new boxes of contacts and get into the swing of wearing them again practically. 

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