Friday, November 25, 2011

November Blog #25: "Giving Is Recieving"

NaBloPoMo Prompt of the Day (Nov 25): Do you like to buy presents ahead of time or right when you need to give them?

Well, I like to buy ahead of time, but I also procrastinate with everything that I do.  I do generally always end up with a couple of gifts at Christmas time that I have acquired for people over the year.  This can be somewhat of a relief, but I usually wait until the last minute to buy the majority of my gifts for people.

Buying ahead of time has its advantages.  It’s usually a gift that you have seen and thought that someone would enjoy it.  If it is purchased with a definite a receiver in mind, that is great!  Personalizing your gifts is a must, I feel.  Sometimes, buying them at the last minute is a good opportunity to actually “cram” and really try to get into your friend or family member’s head and think of what they enjoy and would like the most. 

I would like to do more buying ahead, but the trouble is the planning.  Some people have gifts that they purchase just to have on hand to give people.  While this concept is great and would be an incredible time saver as well as ensuring that you seldom miss an occasion to gift, it seems like it would be a tad more generic.  I would like to have small gifts that I keep on hand for this, but generally get everyone something special. 

Giving gifts is a tough job!  Who would have thought that giving someone something would be so hard!  Being prepared and buying ahead can be efficient, but I think that it’s important to add personal touches when giving gifts.  In an ideal world, everything would be exactly what our loved ones wanted, wrapped perfectly, bow tied, and labeled.  In an ideal world, right?  Well, I come from an I.Deal world.  I would like to plan ahead and have gifts taken care of prior to the time I need to give them, but I deal with the fact that I don’t.  ;) 

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