Friday, November 11, 2011

November Blog #11: " World Peace, the Preservation of Life, and a Concert"

November 11, 2011 Prompt:  It’s 11/11/11, make 3 wishes! 

Wow!  A genie all for me!  This would be the craziest thing to ever happen, so I have never actually thought about what “wishes” I would make.  Of course, this is always a hypothetical, because let’s face it, no one gets 3 wishes!  Lol!

1.)        I hate to sound like a beauty pageant contestant, but who wouldn’t want to wish for world peace?  It would encompass so many things, wouldn’t it?  Maybe I mean mostly more of a balance in the world.  It would help me, it would help you, and it would help our brothers and sisters…  Maybe I would wish for a form of world government that harmoniously worked for every nation, let us all express our differences openly, but held us all together in the same cause (life).  Maybe a little too hippie dippie but hey, it’s my wish!  A Utopian world, sort of like Atlantis.  Not so cheesy perfect it’s unheard of, pure fantasy like and could never happen, but a system that meets everyone’s needs liberally and flows naturally.  There would be a smooth system for working with any catastrophes or situations or criminal activity that would arise.  Everyone would be playing their role in the machine.  A well oiled machine of peaceful living on Earth.
2.)      Well, if I had wish #1…what would I need then?  Theoretically, I wouldn’t be wanting for as much, so these wishes would be more materialistic, right? Or personal. Because technically, world peace would help end hunger and decrease the size of the gap in the classes, etc.  I think, then, I would wish for the power of resurrection.  (Not a “I want to resurrect everyone I love that is dead” or “I want to make no one ever die again” wish.  In a Utopian society, we may have eradicated a lot of disease and death from the world, but death is still an inevitable part of life, although the life expectancy I’m sure will be a lot higher ;P)  In all half serious seriousness, though, with my second wish…I want to resurrect the Forever 27!  I would like to bring back my buddy that died at 27 and the rest of the Forever 27 Club!…in this Utopia I have just wished us into.  Because there would be a lot of drink and a lot of song in said Utopia…and it would be a much better place with this friend indeed as well as all of the other musicians, etc.  The power of resurrection would also resurrect all of the other members of the Forever 27 Club.  So Utopia would then be filled with the sounds of (again) Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Mama Cass, Kurt Cobain, to name a few.  We would be entertained by Belushi and Farley.  I’m sure you can add to this list, but they’ll all be there.   It just seems like a crazy age that grabs so many people; it’s like the Bermuda triangle of years.  I would do this one mass resurrection, but I hope that it wouldn’t upset the balance or anything. But think of the horrorshow concert and time we could have.  Utopia Stock.  Lol!
3.)      If everything is going my way, I don’t know what more I would want.  Everything at this point should be going well for the world.  We should have a good balance of good and bad.  I could wish for “Lucid Living”.  The power of creation…but we already have that, don’t we?  I could wish now for a happy and long life for us.  Not a “perfect” life but a happy balance of Yin and Yang for our Utopia…for the world.  I think I would wish for life to continue on.  For it to never end.  For “Life”…whatever it really is…to continue going well after we are done representing it.  Long after this world is gone and we are dead…I wish for life, in the form of something, to still be out there, for the game to continue.  To see how long these particles can go.  To see if there is an end. 

I guess that’s kind of a lame list of wishes.  I don’t know what I would wish for honestly.  What are the typical answers?  $1,000,000!  A bottomless bank account/credit card!  A mansion!  Breast augmentation!  A nose job.  Hmm…well, a big ass house would be pretty sweet.  Maybe I really should have wished for a bigger house?  Now I just got this world peace shit and a tiny home and a long happy life with family and friends.  Damn it.

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