Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Blog #17: "A Word Collage for the Crushed"

November 17, 2011 Prompt of the Day:  Make a list of everyone you've had a crush on, then choose one and describe him or her in detail.

[I suppose I ended up making a collage of sorts...and perhaps it's more figurative than detailed.  It is what it is.]

They’re warm and caring, but distantly drifting.
They’re busy yet empty; slowed but fast moving.
They’re soft and giving, yet hard and solid.
They’re unknowing, unaware, oblivious…pallid,
To the grave fact that all is not what it seems, 
To the haunting memory running through dreams.

They’re rough and prickly, steadied in ego. 
They’re the one that’s got a way to go.
They’re the one that broke me long ago.
They’re the one that fueled the complex fires.
They’re the ones whose actions prove they are liars. 
They’re the one whose heads are down most now. 
They’re the ones that know what I’m all about.

He’s street smart and savvy, but knavishly fun.
He’s a real knock down fella, a real son of a gun.
He’s seen miles and loose women, fought battles I’ve fought.
He pins down the lighthearted, for what they are not. 

Rough around the edges, sharper than a tack.
Got the weight of the world sittin’ on his back.
Shuffles as he walks; he nails the presentation. 
Takes the long road about every destination. 

He’s silently outspoken, too many words to give.
He’s humble yet fluffed by the years he has lived. 

He’s Butters from South Park meets Pig Pen from Peanuts. 
He’s ambitiously lazy, prefers candy to beer nuts. 
His edges are rough, but his background is rougher. 
He takes all I throw; I have found no man tougher. 
He’s patient and caring, he’s gentle and kind.
He knows when to get the hell out of my mind. 

The world’s full of crushes, and people that will creep in,
But I think this one’s special, so I think that I’ll keep him.  

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