Sunday, November 13, 2011

November Blog #13: "I may be Twitter-pated!"


I haven’t written anything all day because I have been all Twitter-pated.  I honestly have not crossed over into the Twitter world this entire time until now.  I actually ended up giving in and creating an account to follow Johnette from Concrete Blonde (therealjohnette).  (I also have been aching to follow Daniel Tosh.) 

Twitter is much different than I expected, but I am not entirely sure what I expected.  I’m very intrigued.  It’s interesting to see the conversations people have on here.  I was just blogging about privacy and it’s interesting that I ended up creating a Twitter account then.  This place is nuts!  I’m loving it so far! Haah.

I have mostly been enjoying adding people that I have been wanting to follow that I know have Twitter.  I added Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama.  Mostly entity people and not people I actually know in (real) life…in person.  Wow.  In person.  What has this world become, is there such a thing anymore.  We have such a world on here.  You know I can remember when I was a teenager and the internet was basically just coming out into the main stream.  I can remember having a computer and not even having the interinet but being so excited that I could just use Word and write stories and use Paint and draw stuff.  Things have come so very far. 

In high school I used to use ICQ a lot.  It made tons of sense.  You had a list of people, you talked to them.  It was more private though.  It seems that most things now have things open so conversations can be seen by anyone.  It’s funny how Twitter works and you can see one side of the conversations people are having.  I’m sure I can view the other side somewhere, but I’m still learning this stuff.  It’s kinda complicated, but that’s only because I haven’t played with it.  I’m a newbie.  This is a whole new world.

I set it up to my phone, like Facebook.  I think this will be fun.  I think maybe Twitter would work better for a stream of thought type of thing?  Connected to my blog.  Ideas and thoughts.  And YouTube Posts.  Missie Sue shtuff.

Twitter seems like a Facebook type of feel but not.  It’s way different.  I’m basically looking for people to follow now and setting things up and I will be adding a widget on here I think probably.  I guess if you want to know what trivial shit is running through my head on a live stream, then follow me.  How stalker does that sound? Everything is so voyeuristic now it’s funny.  I guess we just play our role and put our best cyber foot forward. 

I think that Twitter will serve my blog well, and probably my YouTube (TheDriftingSunMaid) channel.  I can update and stay updated with things easier.  I still have a lot of lingo to learn and play with this hashtag thing.  We’ll see if it will be something I get into and then just get bored with.  It’s hard to say with me.  I’m trying my best not to do that with the blogging.  I’m trying my best to stay in this century and update myself.  So here I go; another step into this interweb way of living and sharing to communicate my thoughts.  Hello, Twitter!  I’m Missie Sue.  Pleased to meet you!  Welcome to my life.  

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Me To You,
Missie Sue

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