Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Blog #6: "A Picture of Something You Wish You Could Change"

Day 24:  A Picture of Something You Wish You Could Change


“A mind is a terrible thing to waste…” as the UNCF maxim states.  Well, I personally feel that a mind is also a terrible thing not to change.  Of all the things I would like to see change, I would like a change of mind.

I personally am continuously looking for ways to change my mind.  I am, also, incredibly indecisive, which, I have deduced, is basically the fear of wanting to change your mind later.  So why do I feel I have been discouraged from changing my mind by society?  I’m changing all the time!  So is everyone and everything else in existence!  I would like to be open to change my mind.  I want to change my mind; I want you to change your mind!  I want us all to change our collective mind(s).  

As a teenager I felt overly encouraged to choose, decide, and “MAKE UP YOUR MIND!”  Make it up to never change it again?  But, that decision would only be based on who I am at this moment…and that is always changing.  What do I know?  And what if I change my mind?  (And I did.)
Changing your mind seems to be played off as something that you only do if you are either on a quest for god or working on your twelve steps. Change seems to denote negative qualities more than good.  It is mostly either dreaded, or greatly desired.  While this isn’t true in all cases, it just seems dreaded more often than not.  But why is that??  As the Barack Obama campaign suggested, can’t change be good?  Can’t CHANGE be HOPEful?  The president was able to “take it back” in a manner or speaking, and remind the people that CHANGE is what you want.  Change should be desirable!  (We’re not getting political here! Just an example! ha.)  My point being, change shouldn’t be feared so much and should be seen as a great opportunity for growth!  
Now, I understand that we must stick to our guns in most cases or our endeavors will bear no fruit.  Stay the course, and all that good stuff; the world would be in chaos if nobody ever decided on anything and then held true to that belief or goal.  Many people generally don’t want to deal with or see change, though, let alone change their minds.  They live in a constant state of mild fear because of this.  Change can be quite unpleasant at times to the human being and if we learn one thing from babies/toddlers it’s that repetition makes humans feel safe.  We want similarities, not differences.  We want to know what to expect.  But what is the Universe if not unpredictable?  
Nothing within the Universe is static; everything is flux.  So, why then do we seem designed to derive comfort from repetition and “sameness”?  Which is basically, what?  Order.  We want order.  The human mind is a little OCD if you think about it.  “A place for everything; everything in its place,” and all.  We seek to find order in chaos whenever possible.  That’s how we roll!  We’re searching for symmetry…beauty…in everything we view.  We naturally want it all good.  We sentimentally want the Yin without the Yang…or the Yang with the Yin.  Either way, we want things to make sense.  That is how we are programmed to view our reality.  Is it possible that change simply doesn’t make sense to ou­­r programming?  And not making sense=stress.  Therefore, change=stress.  Changing our mind, however, I think is a useful tool.  Maybe this is how we are meant to evolve?  One of the greatest things about this reality, however we choose to view it, is just that.  We choose however we view it.  If we don’t like something…we have the choice to change our mind about that.  (I know, this is easier said than done, right?  It’s a life journey, but you get my point.)   We are the director.  Our attention is the photographer.  Our mind is the camera.  We always have a choice of how to view things and if we don’t like what our mind is saying to us, as incredibly hard as it is to master, we do have the power to change it. 
I think that utilizing our ability to change our minds symbolizes our willingness to evolve.  Our ancestors were survivors (obviously), and they had to be flexible in order to be adaptable enough to survive.  They were mind changers from way back.  Change isn’t always a bad thing and changing your mind is very beneficial to your survival.  I believe the mind, when changed and manipulated, can be (wo)man’s best friend.  When left running on its own inertia, it is our greatest foe.   
I wanted to write more about this, but I changed my mind.  Can I change my mind?  I can, and I will.  It’s my life choice.    

Me to You,
Missie Sue

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