Monday, November 7, 2011

November Blog #7: "A Picture of Your Day"

Day 25:  A Picture of Your Day

Today I found a tick on the carpet in our dining room.  Not just a tick crawling across the floor, but a hugely engorged post buffet tick.  This guy couldn’t even move he was so full; it’s hard to tell how long he was rolling around there.   

Last night Buster was aggressively scratching in the room I found it in, so I am guessing he flung it off then and it was just rolling around for a half a day until I found it?  Ew.  I’m just happy that I found it and not the baby!  Yuk.  Thankfully, also, I didn’t step on it or crush it!  It looked like a small, odd colored raisin.  It looked so big to me when I looked down and saw it.  It is crazy to think that ticks are so much worse now than they were when I was a child.  That would have been a bloody mess! 

I never got a tick in this area when I was little and I ran all through these woods!  We were hardly ever inside as kids and we never got ticks around the house, to my knowledge.  My brother and I each got one, if I recall, when we went to visit my aunt and uncle on their farm in Virginia when I was maybe 5 or 6.  That is the only time I can remember getting a tick until I was around 21 years old!   

It’s crazy to think how many more ticks we are pulling off of ourselves and our pets now.  It is also scary that we have to worry about things like Lyme disease now, which is something that was seldom heard off in these parts back in the day.  It’s crazy how things change.  Anyway, this guy was huge.  He certainly got a good meal out of Buster!  And it’s lame that he is taking over the woods and bringing disease with him.  

That's All, Folks! 

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