Friday, November 4, 2011

November Blog #4: "I'm Not An Addict, Babe...Eeeh....That's a Lie!"

"When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?"

While the computer is a useful writer’s pal, especially in today’s day and age, there is nothing quite like pen on paper.  Like its predecessor the typewriter, the computer is the most practical way to do mass writing for web logs, novels, books, papers, etc.  I do most of my blogging/internet writing on the computer, of course, but when it comes to working on poetry or lyrics of any kind, I prefer my journals and tablets and papers, napkins, envelopes, and the like.  Something that allows you to slow down and be a bit more reflective.

If I am attempting to work on a story or something of that nature I usually prefer the computer; when I am inspired for a short burst the keyboard is a much faster means of getting it out right away.  I prefer journals and comfortable flowing pens for prose, poetry, or just random daily notes/musings or one sentence thoughts or reflections.  I have 2 main journals for writing such things in.    

Most of my writing during the majority of my life has actually been of the old fashioned pen and paper variety.   Actually, ever since I have been a pre teen I have had somewhat of an obsession or infatuation…fetish? …with stationary.  Pens…paper.  Journals…tablets…pencils.  I love it.  I probably have a handful of blank notebooks in the house at the moment.  My husband gets on me when we are in the store and I stop to peruse the stationary aisle.  The thing is, I am most times not interested in buying anything in particular.  I just want to browse.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe how people window shop for clothes or can’t help but stop at the pet store window and look at the puppies?  Maybe I want something to cry out “take me home!” Who knows.  

I can’t help it; I love stationary.  I love fresh new pens, new markers, unsharpened pencils, mechanical pencil packs, Sharpies, highlighters, comfy grip medium pens, tablets, pads, sheets of paper, binders. I love journals, lovely journals covered in faux leather or canvas with the slim little silk of a book mark hanging daintily over her back!  Oh, the thinks you could write in all of those nice fresh lovely journals!  And look at that pack of new pens.  ….  What?  No.  I’m fine. 

My husband says I am a border-line hoarder, not only because of my stationary “problem”, but for my obsession with tubbies and totes, my desire to save “perfectly good boxes”, and my collecting of silver-backed wrappers for projects.  I have also, to his dismay, saved most of the baby food jars we have bought with the baby for a future project!  I’m not a hoarder, damn it!  Okay.  Alright, I can SEE where you might think it is a little bit of a problem, but trust me.  TRUST me.  I have it all under control!  I have plans.  I’m going to use all of this!  And what’s up with the boxes?? You just don’t know how to appreciate a PERFECTLY good cardboard box, man!  I mean, that thing is practically new, do you not understand the possibilities?  

Seriously, though, he knows I’m not a real hoarder, but I do have my “things” and he certainly knows them.  He does assist me in putting back all of my jars and tubbies into the nooks and crannies we have to offer for space in the shed , so my argument must be convincing enough anyway and I appreciate and love him for it.  ...But I can’t help it.  First of all, tubbies are just practical!  I mean, they hold stuff!   But, I do love stationary.  I have a pack of pens at least on deck usually, or always seem to buy packs to replace the ones I keep at my desk because they migrate.  I’m not sure where they go, I don’t know if they are like a faithful dog who wanders off into the woods to die when he’s gettin’ low?  If people take them accidentally with them?  I mean, I know I have about 30 of them right now in my purse probably, but still.  I keep buying them.  You would think I would end up with a lot more pen carcasses laying around here for the full packs I seem to buy?  I'm just a gatherer!  It's in my nature. My brain just knows that they're valuable!  It's like a bird making a nest!  "And now we add the pens!"   I want to stock pens!  I’m not sure where all the pens go, though...  ? It's a mystery. 

Anyway.  Yes.  Pen to paper.  I prefer pen to paper for “relaxed and reflective” writing.  I prefer computer for ranting because my fingers can do a better job at keeping up with my wandering mind on the keys than with a pen.  Although, if you saw my chicken scratch cursive scrawling, you’d probably think it was a close race.   

I personally like the Bic Atlantis.  It has been my pen of choice as of late.  I don’t like the fancy ball point type pens.  They’re nice and all but most run very easily if something is spilled on them.  It’s funny how people have favorite pens, but it is really just a tool, isn’t it?  To a writer, the pen is a tool just as the brush, the hammer, the chisel, the ax, the scalpel, the saw, or the knife.  Crafts(wo)men take pride in their tools.    

[ Got yourself a favorite pen? ]

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