Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"What is hidden in that shadow?"

What is hidden in that shadow,
Behind the overcoat of darkness?
What is shadowed by the hidden,
In its mystery and starkness?

Who is shirking in the shadow,
drawing back from golden light?
Who is lurking at the window
watching the sun shine at night?

Death is waiting for my brothers
to play the long forgotten tune.
Life is waiting for the Others
to face the dark side of the moon.

What is hidden in that shadow
that I can't see with my eyes?
What is unseen in ugliness
and lost in beautiful lies?

What is hidden in that shadow
under the thoughts and forms of pain?
What is wrong with letting go
of your umbrella in the rain?

What is hidden in that shadow
beyond the glow of your city lights?
Who is waiting on the horizon
to take you where you set your sights?


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