Friday, February 14, 2014

The Heart of the Matter

Happy Valentine's Day!  I believe people put entirely too much pressure on this day for romance, but it is a nice holiday...mostly if you aren't single.  I'm all for the Jehova's Witness way of viewing every day the same in this case.  Just like church on Sunday won't redeem you from a week of sin, you can't disrespect your lover all year and bank on a really sweet bouquet, a clever poem, or heart shaped box to win it.  In that aspect, I do detest the potential fraudulent nature of the day.  Everyday should be devoted to love, right?  I would much rather receive flowers on a normal day "just because" than demand to have them on Valentine's Day.  HOWEVER, no one can deny it is lovely to receive remembrances from your Beloved.  It makes you feel good, right?  To give and to receive.  Plus, it's mostly symbolic, as with most holidays, anyway...and highly commercialized.

As for me, nothing says I Love You like a new fedora and wrist supports!!  Yes...wrist supports.  Hey, it's what I wanted!!  Well, I also got Melissa Etheridge's album, "The Road Less Traveled" and ate some Chinese buffet with my husband without our child!  Walmart and Chinese food, such romance.  "I love the way you woo me!"  What it comes down to is that it doesn't matter WHAT you do, unless you're an asshole about it. Time is really the best gift you can give someone.

It's the THOUGHT that counts.  What's on your mind?  The idea in your heart...the mental occupancy.  I've eaten at the truck stop for Valentine's Day...I've also done nothing, and that was fine.  Flowers and chocolates are nice, but I'd much rather be on your mind.  Although, not losing the feeling in my hands and scoring a new fedora is pretty sexy in my book too!  Happy overrated commercialized chocolate flower card day!

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