Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fire in the Sky

Feathers in their hair and lines on their faces,
Melting down the pot, battle of the races.

Heritage is lost, nothing left of the land.
Flags are burning all around the white man.

Fenced in the Rez, selling small trinkets.
Never was a real man, never let them think it.

Give the chief a bottle; get them all to drink it.
Firewater burning down their throats while they’re shriekin’. 

It’s the 4th of July and the sky is burning,
Time will always know as the world keeps turning,
Fire in the sky and food on your plate.
For us it’s a party, for them it’s too late. 
Having us a party, but for them it’s too late.

Dirt in their hair and blood on their faces.
Take away their legacy, don't leave any traces.

Birds in the sky, the forests for the bear.
Nature's call echoing, crying bloody tears.

Lock away their customs, throw away the key.
Nothing worth being if you're not being free.  

Catching falling dreams right from the sky,
Didn't give no chances, we just watched them die.

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