Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 Years In: A Just-So-Happens Celebration

So, today is our 5th Anniversary!  7-7-07 we were married in my parents’ yard.  Annually, my parents host a 4th of July party.  This year it so happened to fall on 7-7, which fell once again on a Saturday as it did the year we were wed.  There was much to be celebrated!  I was very pleased that on our anniversary I was able to celebrate with a group of friends in the same place that we had our wedding reception 5 years prior.  It was a good time!

Celebrations are what life is about, isn’t it?  There is nothing quite like the vibe/feel/energy of a party with a group of family and friends.  I stood in my parents’ yard looking up at the sky, my polarized sunglasses over my eyes, taking in life through my amber tinted view.  A good perspective.  My family and friends moved about, enjoying food and drink, music and beer pong.  It was a good day!

My husband and I have been married for 5 years, we have been together for 9 years this November…and have known each other approximately 11 years total.  Impressive, and by that I mean that I can remember dates (kind of). Hah.  Our life is a little unconventional for a married pair, but hey, we’re a little unconventional ourselves.  We make it work, because we love each other enough.  It’s worth it.  We have a good life kickin’, an amazing daughter and are above all, friends.  We knew each other for 2 years before we started dating.  This made it a lot easier and comfortable getting to know each other.

We might not have everything in common or have all of the same interests.  We are in actuality greatly different, but at our core we are very similar.  We have enough similarities and we have the same gooey middle.  We have fundamental similarities that serve as a solid foundation for everything else.  I am very lucky to have met my husband.  He treats me better than I think I deserve, at times.  I really do believe that I married the nicest man I have ever met. 

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