Sunday, July 8, 2012

The 100th Seven Sleeper Sunday

On this day, I mostly slept off the party from the day before and watched the Seven Ages of Rock, which is excellent if you have never.  I am choosing to use today’s post in order to simply celebrate a previous post that was my 100th post!!  WOOT!  That’s an accomplishment, right?  Sure it is.  I’m using this blog to improve my writing, so the more I blog (practice) the better I’ll get, right?  Theoretically, I suppose.  Each post is an exercise in writing!  A project on the writing path.  Good for me! 

I see in reading through my writing from years ago how it has changed.  I am highly influenced by whatever media I am immersed in at the time, be it music, book, film.  I was obviously incredibly more dramatic when I was a teen, but what is to be expected?  I have matured, yet in some ways it is as though my writing is "older" from then.  I have changed along the way too.  I recently found some older writings on my desktop that I am going to post sometime.  I like to try to make this blog a collection of sorts, of my "works", a collection of me.  I don't know why, maybe for posterity?  For the future!  For sanity?  For a lot of things, I suppose.  For me, mostly.  For whatever I speak to when I write.  To whatever I write to. 

And You,
Missie Sue

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