Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Up To Date: 11 Days of Marchin'

What's 'Been Doing?
(Marchin' a Nutshell)

I've been roaming here and there;
my mind's been mostly everywhere.

I've been stuffed up and home remedy battling,
my tonsils and sinus cavities are rattling.

My throat is dry, my lips are cracked.
Not even an opposite I'd attract. 

I play, I read, I sing, I write.
I stay up and down through the night. 

I sigh, I sit, I think, I guess.
The days are mostly more or less.

I merge the forms, try to compose.
A song is born from line of prose.

Keys to strings to pen and back,
The days go on, I can't keep track. 

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