Thursday, February 14, 2013

Still...My Valentine

My Valentine

I loved you yesterday.
I'll love you tomorrow.
You held me through heartache.
You held me through sorrow.

I struggle, you lift me,
Above all my troubles.
I stumble, you grab me,
You lead when I wobble.

I missed you yesterday.
I'll miss you tomorrow.
I'll fight hard to keep you.
I'd beg, steal or borrow.

I'm balanced on tight ropes.
Try not to upset me.
I'm aiming for high hopes,
Lets see where that gets me.

Your hands tell the story,
Of a hard-working man.
one hell of a lover,
Who does all he can.

I believed in you yesterday.
I'll believe you tomorrow.
You guide me through darkness.
Wherever, I'll follow.

I break down, you listen.
The weight makes you strong.
You show me new insights,
Whenever I'm wrong.

We're team mates, we're partners.
We share all our strife.
We're friends and we're lovers,
Together for life.  

[February 9, 2011]

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