Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christal's Growing Crystals

First off, let me say that Family Dollar is awesome. My tattoo artist friend Christal and I went to town tonight for some errands. We ended up spending the majority of our time and money there. We got some really good stuff though, good finds! Along with some killer pink zebra striped sheer curtains for her shop and some other random treasures she purchased two packs of Growing Crystals from the kids section.  The old school kits you may have seen, they've been making them awhile, I believe.  You just don't come across them that often, I reckon.  They cost like a buck fifty, they must be made for around ten cents in the worst factory and working conditions or something.  What ARE you, Growing Crystals?  Crystal Growing?!!  Explain yourself! 

IN RETROSPECT I don't know why I didn't snag one for myself, as they were only a dollar, I think. I was perhaps too excited about the buy one get one half off mirror and framed art sale, where I snagged some shadow box music art that should look slick in my living room eaves!  (Seriously, Family Dollar is awesome!  We are true Dimestore Diamonds! ...even if one of us needs to be talked down from buying a turban once in awhile.)  Anyway, after getting back to her house and excitedly opening one box and reading the directions she says about using one of her own rocks even with the kit. I wonder what they are made out of. I wonder how long it will take. Will it emit a noxious gas? Are they the color on the box? It says that you will start to see crystals within hours supposedly. Christal agreed to give me her box of green Growing Crystals ONLY IF I would blog about it, and "right away" at that, meaning tonight after the kid and husband were in now. The only thing is, I need to sleep. I don't have time to wait for growing crystals, so tomorrow morning I will begin the bloggity blogxperiment.

The Growing Crystals kit includes a tray, a pack of chemicals to be mixed with warm water, a stick to stir it, and two typical pebble-like stones. It is made in China, distributed by a company called Creative Kids Far East Ltd. Apparently they are located in Hong Kong. This pack was manufactured in a factory in Taicang, Jiangsu, China in August of 2012.  Instructions included! I'm excited and curious for the blogumentary experiment. I embrace the assignment! Thank you, Christal.  Tomorrow we will "create beautiful crystals and watch them GROW!!" ...and blog about it.  Let's do this!

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