Friday, December 28, 2012

A Room to Wait; No Time to Waste

I am sitting in the waiting room at the chiropractor. Our annual "Turkey Party" is tomorrow. I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and New Year's is quickly approaching. There are so many things that I wanted to accomplish this year that never happened, ideas and projects that have just died on the floor in a puddle of blood, failure to thrive, oozing from their thought bubble umbilical cords. I guess they were premature.  I am in the worst mood that I have been in for awhile right now. I feel like I am getting my monthly hormonal drop but have just finished my period. I feel the stress of tomorrow and all the things left to do and all the things I will never be able to do. Things have just been nonstop with the holiday, and then still working on a partial remodel of our bedroom and hallway because of our discovered mold problem, and having two print jobs due for Christmas, not to mention the one I was unable to fill by Christmas. Oh, and I just learned my therapist is not covered by our insurance at all, so we will have to pay out of pocket if I want to start therapy. Intake interview bill to come.   :/ I'm just a little stressed and disappointed with my effort this year and feeling like overwhelmed shit as of late. I wish I had the time or energy to blog about what has been happening. I have at least 5 posts for events in 2012 that I need to finish up. Sigh. The good news is my sister is home from Korea so she will be able to come to Turkey Party but the sad part is she has decided to work in Korea another year, so she is going back in about 3 weeks! So every minute we have together counts. I'm hoping for a smooth party with many memories and moments. (I can hope can't I?!) Turkey is almost 21 pounds. Tomorrow we will roast and toast!! Happy Holidays, everyone!

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