Friday, April 1, 2011

The Never-ending 30 Day Challenge: "A Picture of Something You Hate"

Day 11:  A Picture of Something You Hate

My father always taught us growing up never to say the word hate. 
“Hate is a strong word,” he would tell us.  I will say I dislike many things, but he is right.  Hate is a strong word. 
I understand the heart of my father’s teaching in my soul.  It is wrong to hate.
But---if I were to hate anything, it would be---hate.  But what is hate?  I believe this picture is a symbol.  I wanted it to represent the two things I could actually say I hate:  1.) war   and/or  2.) hate    But they really go hand in hand, don’t they?  This picture represents hatefulness, I think at its best (worst).  I was taught not to hate, but there are some things that just seem hate worthy in this world.  It seems, though, that all of these things are derived from, or based off of hate.
So, if I were to hate, (this picture would represent that…) I would hate:

Hate; war…wasted efforts; nuclear warfare; terrorism; the end; the holocaust; injustice; oppression; poverty; rape; murder; torture; abuse; neglect; indifference;  intolerance; segregation; separation;  a self-created Armageddon; the fact that it could happen; thievery; selfishness; imprisonment; trickery; chicanery; lying; cheating; disrespect; neglect; what we did to the Native Americans; small pox covered blankets; relocation; repression; regression; depression; suppression; disease; pain; suffering; pillaging; stealing; manipulation; entrapment; distraction; raping the land; killing the Earth; diamond mines; poachers; littering; garbage dumps; wasted lands;…war; hate.  

["A Picture of Something You Hate" originally posted to Facebook Feb. 27, 2011]

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