Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ghost of Musical Past and a Glimpse of Hope

[This is a rant about music I wrote during the height of the BSB/Britney Spears/pop movement in an online survey in response to the question "What kind of music do you like?"  Probably was written somewhere between 2000 and 2004.]

I just have to say that I liked when the value of music was based off of its auditory sensation rather than its visual sensation.  It doesn't even make sense to me that music...that we LISTEN to...is chosen based on the LOOK of artists.  Most of the music made nowadays is soulless and empty, a hollow shell coated in colored plastic and glam and popularity.  It's like grade school.  There's little to no depth to these songs at all.  And I seriously question the vacant minds of the people that listen to this garbage eagerly daily.  It's poppy and catchy, true...but that's what pop is...kinda like radio jingles, you know, when they're trying to SELL you something?...people are going to main stream radio and pop like it's the only music...and everything else is just a regurgitation of something else that was!! Why is it not "fashionable" to have a popular artist above the age of 25 nowadays, unless they are making a comeback?  16 to 25 year-olds are singing us our heartache and life troubles?  How is a 25 or under person more qualified to tell me about life?  I want to hear what the aged people have to say.  I want a singer on the pop charts in their 40's...50's...hell, I want one in their 70's!  I want a FAT, HAIRY, 72 YEAR OLD amazing lyricist with a BEAUTIFUL VOICE singing to me all that they learned over time!  Why are we so scared of aging?  Wisdom, people...we get better with age...like wine or cheese....  In the 70's the charts were filled with balding and/or bearded, shiny, dorky looking NORMAL talented people...writing music.  Jim Croce was a construction worker for God's sake!  Look what he's done for America!  Britney Spears my ass...  A young pop star that's been in the music world their entire life is like a person of royalty...raised away from the reality of the real world in splendor and leisure all of their lives, preparing to take over their rich life style and feign empathy with the poor masses...you need a little more experience, sister, if you think you're gonna be telling me about life!!!  Sex sells to the easy people.  I'm not easy!! I want art, dammit!!  I want meaning!  Okay, I guess I was just supposed to say what music I liked, eh? Well...not that kind.  Haha.  It just gets me going...I bet we're missing out on a lot of GOOD musical art that is out there because it's passed over because it doesn't come in the superficial lame ass package.  Grow up America!!  I think we should all listen to indie music...it seems once anyone gets famous enough to have popular music, the soul is sucked out of it and they are nothing but an empty turd...unless they have enough perseverance to hold on for the ride and push past the pretentiousness.

[This is something from March 2011.  After the emergence of some promising new bands from around 2007 to present, I become hopeful for music once again.]

Lady Gaga is neo Madonna.  "Old-Timey" has become "New-Timey".  There are musical groups that are actually interesting and different now, in an old familiar way.  We are having musical Deja vu.  We had some artists reminiscent of the 70's singer/songwriters, and now I think we're perhaps in the 80s, yet starting to head into the 90s again.  The "current" is a melting pot of all decades past.  The "modern" is a slice of previous pie.  As it has been and always shall be.  We went through a stagnant period for awhile, though, I think, but for the past couple of years there have been some very promising and interesting bands emerging.  Current music seems to be actually getting better, but actually looping back around on itself like space time.  I'm excited for neo grunge and the return of the 60s. 

[What are you listening to? ]

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