Monday, April 4, 2011

4 Old Blogs (circa 2005)

[Old stuff I found in "the vault" (a.k.a. my external) that was originally just posted on MySpace I think?  Either's old.  It's funny.  Trying to get everything in one place with this blog. -MS]

The clogs in our clock of time are turning.  Where will we be one million years from now?  Still on this rock?  Still killing her roughly?  Still unaware of what we are a part of? 
I doubt it.
I hope not, at least.
I like to think we'll be farther by then.  It makes me sad to think that I'll miss it.  Part of me will survive.  Part of me will exist still. 
The priorities of our world are severely wrong, currently.
Where's the empathy?
Where's our mutual respect for each other?
Where's the compassion?
You don't have to love your neighbor to respect your neighbor.
Too much pride, too much gluttony.
Everyone embraces selfishness, what about practicing selflessness?


 This man thinks his wife of 26 years is cheating on him, because he keeps seeing men wearing his old clothes around town.  His frazzled wife has been giving his clothes away to GoodWill.  There is an elated release when Maury's lie detector proves her devoutness.  She's relieved.  He was "100% sure" before she was cheating.  Terrible, to have been her at night, like a young doe.  The accusations.  The innocence.  He lifts her up off the floor into his arms after the lie-detector reading.  I bet he wants one of those to install right inside the door of their home.  Just like taking your shoes off.  Automatic.


Some man was legally protesting his requirement to pay child support for his daughter on Dr. Phil today.  He said he didn't have a choice (to abort, to give up for adoption, to abandon)...he said she did.  I think he had a choice.  Hrrrm...put it in...hrrrmmmm or not??  Hrrrm....with a condom? Hrrrmmmm or without??  Hrrrm....pull it out at least if I don't, at least try to decrease my chances a little???? Hhrrrrrrraaaaahrrrmmaaaahrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm...or not.  He said they initially used a condom and then didn't be he was misled because she said she was on the pill and said she couldn't get pregnant anyway.  Well, he listened to her.  What a douche.   He said it's not fair because women have the ability to choose whatever they want and men just have to do whatever they choose.  It was just crazy.  They were going to court over it and the lawyer was llike "Oh we're gonna win."  Anyone care about the kid?  Poor girl, yuppie dad and all.  And the moral of the story...wear a condom, guys...and don't have sex with yuppies, girls.


Blogggggg.  Bbbbblllllloggg.   Dr. Phil says he wants me to get excited about my life.  So maybe I'll shave my legs when I get a shower today.   I think that the Cheeseburger Bill is the epitome of American stupidity and hedonistic gluttony.  Physically removing part of your guts so you CAN'T eat the Twinkie comes in a close second.  We're just like the Romans.  They should just install vomitoriums in malls and food courts.  Sorry.  The "news" is on...the "olds"...the "passe"...the "thank god that groundhog got his teeth fixed because that's what I want to hear about when I'm living out my monotonous life"...It's so reassuring and inspiring to see that Punxy. Phil is dentally fine again.  I'm so elated to hear about the Cheeseburger Bill.  The news is just an annoying reminder of how the priorities of our country aren't getting any closer to the truth or what SHOULD be going through our heads day after day.  It's just a distraction.  Quick, give the stupid people their daily serving of fear.  Got 'em?  Today they get a choice of insolence or a side of lie fries.  Baaaad fries...baaad fries.  TO THE VOMITORIUM!

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