Thursday, October 15, 2015

Memphis or Bust: Pt. 1

So, I decided to make a grand road trip for my 35th birthday! I am traveling with my friend Leslie and my sister, Kate, to Memphis, Tennessee to meet up with my aunt and cousin, who are traveling to Memphis from Washington state to celebrate my cousin's 40th birthday! We SHARE a birthday, you guys! It's actually on the same day (October is a busy month in our family) and I thought it would be the most amazing excuse to make the trip especially since they said we could room with them! ROAD TRIP!! 

A 13 hour road trip! So, here we are...on I71 heading toward Cincinnati, a few hours in. I am grateful for my husband being able to stay home with my daughter. As much as I desperately need this, I was sad to leave this morning. This will be the longest I have been away from her and the most miles there have been between us. It's gonna be good. I need time away and she needs Daddy time. I am missing Show and Tell for Purple Week!?! Ahhhh! I get to see Memphis...totally worth it! 

Our destination for tonight is Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel, only 8 and a half more hours to go! We have a fun itinerary for the weekend, I'm excited to see my family and to experience Memphis with them! "We're going to Graceland...Graceland!" Wooo! 

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