Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Remodeling the Heart of the Home

I have never in my life tiled anything before, so I don't exactly know why Joey and I have wanted to do it? Or, was it me? I wanted to do it? Regardless, I find myself tiling our kitchen countertop. It was actually quite fun. My DIY part loved the project! Deep down we love remodeling; it's exciting and fun! It's a new take on an old thing. Deep down we hate remodeling; it's hell! It's where marriages go to die! I jest, but seriously, you want to test the strength of your marriage, remodel a room together...preferably a bathroom or kitchen. The more walls you need to tear down the better, and the grosser the subsurface, the better the results! This is our last room in this place; we have remodeled each and every other room together! It's down to the heart of the home. If you can survive remodeling together, especially in a trailer where nothing is square and nothing ever lines up, I believe your marriage is golden. 

I came back from my Memphis trip and fell right into a remodeling project. Joey already did the entire ceiling of the dining room and kitchen in wainscoting and moved and changed the light fixtures while I was away. What a guy! The top cabinets were ripped out. I made it back in time for the removal of the infamous island and the unearthing of the before time flooring. We took three eras off of the floor, and had to sledgehammer the island out. It almost seemed like sacrelige at the time, but it was the only way to get the beast out! And I had already planned to salvage and save the heavy HEAVY countertop to use as the top of a badass work bench for me...someday. So, even if it's ten years from now, I will see that island again! The island has seen some great times, and has been used for everything from feasting, partying, card games and dice, to sewing, printing, painting, and piercing. But, alas, an oversized island in your kitchen can eventually be a setback. No man is an island! Is this a metaphor?

In dreams, they say that houses represent your psyche or self and that the different rooms are aspects or parts of your self. They also say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I think it's fitting that this is all happening right along with my Memphis trip. I feel I had a mini rebirth! I came back inspired and in love...right into this mess...which isn't without it's own metaphor. A change of heart is in store; no more islands in my center! I am remodeling my soul, let's use some tile! Let's put all of the pieces together like a puzzle. Let's hold it down with mortar, and fill in the cracks with grout. Smooth it off and let it set...this heart is good as new. 

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