Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mini Missions and Tiny Tangles

I've been trying to stay creative while it feels as though I've been doing basically nothing but mothering, reading IFS therapy books, loosing my mind and doing mental work. While I'm swimming around in the psyche soup I like to do random things to stimulate myself...or escape? Expand my mind...alter my state of conciousness...all of the above. I have a Mission Jar that I have posted about before. It is full of random small creative tasks on little square pieces of paper. I have been tangling lately so I decided to create a specific Zentangle and FINALLY do the mission on the slip of paper I pulled out probably over a year ago in order to get me BACK into actually giving a shit about The Mission Jar. Last year I pulled "Create an Image Using Dots" and I started something in my notebook at the time but never finished it. So I figured I would do a Zentangle piece for fun, I don't know if that was cheating? What is the difference between a dot and a circle? A tip and tangle? Perspective? Distance? Fuck it. It is what it is and I dig it! GOAL! Tangling is fun, you should try it.

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