Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dead Man

Hey, ho, dead man, sorry you're not around.
Been feeling your thoughts in my head,
Know you're missing that sound. 

Hey, ho, dead man, it's sure been a long time.
Been seeing your visions through my eyes, 
Know you're living in these rhymes. 

Hey, ho, dead man, how come ya never call?
Been thinking your words in my mind, 
No, you're never gone at all. 

Hey, ho, dead man, I saw you walking down the line. 
Been following your steps with cold feet, 
Know I'll meet with you in time. 

So saddle up that dark horse and ride across the flames, 
No excuse for wasting the dawn, take a chance, welcome the pain. 
You've been burned worse before by your own hand,
So, tell me now, what's there to lose for a dead man? 

Hey, ho, dead man, I was wrong about the map, 
Been remembering letters on the key, 
Know your own ego was the trap. 

Hey, ho, dead man, I really wish that you were here.
Been missing the way that we were, 
Know you'll never reappear. 

Hey, ho, dead man, could you take me for a ride? 
Been hearing our song in my head, 
Know you never really died. 
No, you never really died. 
I know, you never really died. 

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