Friday, March 22, 2013

St. Severin's Fish Dinners: A Seasonal Dish for Lent

An Adult size fish dinner for $9.00!
Friday is usually a busy or weird day and I usually want a dinner that is fast and easy.  I have been enjoying the fish dinners that they have been serving during Lent at the St. Severin Community Center once again this year.  Today is the last Friday before Good Friday, meaning it's the last week of fish dinners.  I'll miss this weekly meal, but look forward to getting them next year, as it has become a Lent tradition of sorts in our family.

The fish dinners at St. Severin have been being served in our little community for a good number of years now.  I don't remember when they started it, but can remember how big they used to be back then.  For years we used to get the child sized portions because they were plenty big enough.  They have since changed the size of the meals, but I feel that the overall quality of the food has improved.  It is all in all, a decent meal for $9.00.  You get plenty of food!  We will often get 2 meals out of each serving.  The food is incredibly good; I craved and demanded the coleslaw during the Lent of my pregnancy!  It has chunks of green peppers in it, by far the best I have had.  My husband raves about their stewed tomatoes and Celie loves their "magic cheese" (mac & cheese).  They offer fried and baked fish, we always opt for the baked when available, but both are delicious, especially alongside the buttery red potatoes that they come with.  Each serving  also includes a portion of mixed vegetables, sometimes green beans with almond slivers, even.  These seem to change from time to time as well; it's always a surprise!  You also get a dinner roll and a packet of butter.

The meal also comes with a dessert, which is a random helping of one of the many pastries and cakes provided by the church ladies and gents who help to make these meals possible.  You can eat in or take out; if you eat in, you get to pick your own dessert off of the dessert table.  If you get take out, as we do, it is yet another surprise!!  Like Forest Gump says, you never know what you're gonna get.  Sometimes it's cherry pie, apple crisp, blueberry cheese cake, Angel food, chocolate cake or cherry cheese cake.  Either way, you are sure to be pleased, unless you aren't down with dessert, in which case, pass it along to a sweets aficionado.  

The St. Severin Lent Fish Dinners are a decent dinner for your dollar.  This meal is incredibly filling, fairly well-balanced, and community provided.  The ONLY downside to it I see is all the Styrofoam being used, but I'm sure that is for costs and Jesus would probably even turn the other cheek if he ate the mac and cheese on the buttered roll in a sandwich dipped in the stewed tomatoes.  It's a seasonal staple that we eagerly look forward to every year.  Look for them every Friday during the Lent season, the 40 days just before Easter, at the St. Severin Community Center in Drifting.  It's a good eat!

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