Thursday, March 15, 2012

February 25, 2011: A Someday Song

I got this face, it gets me by.
I got a couple features I'm not ashamed to hide.
Some have said it's pretty nice.
But it's not pretty like sexy; it's pretty like me. 

I got this hair, and it's alright.
It don't bother me too bad, it suits me just fine.
Some have said the color's nice.
But it's not colorful sexy; it's colorful me.  

I got these eyes, they're kinda bright.
If they're beady and blue, they still let in the light.
Some have said I can make them smile.
But they don't smile sexy; they smile like me. 

I got these teeth, they're kinda white.
I got a few fillings, but they sure can still bite.
Some have said my grin is nice.
But I don't grin sexy; I grin like me.  

Got good hands for holding,
A heart full of song.
Good feet for walking,
Through and along.
All my pieces fit into the puzzle that makes me,
I'm not all together, but once the glue's set...
You can't break me.

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