Thursday, April 5, 2012

I sit with your specter and converse...

I sit with your specter and converse,
As if he was beside me throughout my day.
I work on the dishes and go off about loyalty and freedom.
I rest in the living room on the chaise lounge with strawberries,
I express with faux feelings to faux fellows in faux words. 
“She breaks just like a little girl,” I tell him.
He listens silently.
No reply.
He absorbs all that I am.
He watches me scrub the toilet.  I laugh and tell him about duty.
He sees my melt downs, he sees my build ups.
He witnesses my crazy core yet still he stays with lended ear. 
He has no choice. 
My mind holds him tightly in focus.
The edges blur but I won’t avert my eyes. 


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