Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Love each other or perish..."

Nothing on my mind, other than Haiti and Cambodia and the starving people in those lands...the poor children with broken limbs, round parasitic bellies, and fungal infections on their heads too bad to be cured with topical ointments.  Some people are so naive to the truth of life that they really think they have it bad in America.  At least we have running water.  At least we have indoor plumbing.  At least the water we have isn't filled with parasites and other contaminants.  At least we have shoes.   At least we don't sleep in huts.  At least we don't sleep in dirt and feces.  At least we aren't stolen as young boys and forced to fight and kill in gang warfare.  At least we aren't forced into sexual slavery or prostitution at the tender age of 7, 9, 11...  At least as children we didn't pick through a landfill all day long looking for scraps we could sell to get a little food.  They're simply trying to survive. 
I am no fool, I am quite aware that there are poor people in America and there is suffering in America, but I don't think that it compares to the majorly undeveloped regions of the world.  We still are very rich.  They live without health care also...only they don't even have the option of going to a hospital to be treated and not paying the bill...because there are no hospitals.  They just suffer...and die. 
Joyce Meyer (Enjoying Everyday Life) is about the Hand of Hope outreach program all this week...makes me cry every time I watch it.  Good tears...for what she's doing...for her love.  For her compassion.  The Bible says to love your brothers..."Love isn't an emotion, it is an ACTION!"  It means it doesn't just happen, it's an effort on your part, you have to make it happen.  Take action.  Be a blessing.  Help your brothers and sisters.  Be a blessing to this world, not a burden.  "I give you one new commandment, that you should love each other the way I have loved you."  Unconditionally.  I don't think Jesus was talking about the American dream of "love"...finding a husband/wife, having a perfect house with a white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a two car garage...continuing to love him/her even when he/she cheats on you.  He wasn't talking about your fickle emotions.  It goes deeper than that. can go deeper than that.  Unconditional "Godly" love.  Compassion. 
Start your own Love Revolution.  Take action.  Fight selfishness...practice selflessness.   ;)
I'm not telling you to send your money away to other countries.  You can be a blessing in your back yard.  I'm a blessing TO THE WORLD.  I'm saying...give a fuck!  The little things count.  Help an old lady take her groceries to the car.  Open the door for a pregnant woman.  Feed someone.  Matthew 25:40, man!  "I assure you: Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me."  You feed someone, you are feeding "me" are feeding God.  Because they are God.  You are God.   God is feeding itself through you.  We are God's hands and eyes...and arms.   Hug someone.  Show humanity some love!  Give someone a big tip. Be there for a friend when you know you're needed!  Show compassion!  Forget yourself!  Lose yourself!!!  Rid yourself of the "poor me" inside of you.  Gorilla LoveFair!  Start a revolution!
 Be a blessing in your mind as well...stop sending those negative words and thoughts (which basically are negatively charged power and energy) out into OUR universe. (It IS a sin to even THINK it!)  Stop hating inside your head and judging and bitching and nagging.  You're cutting off the flow from "Go(o)d".  Most people think worse things than they even say out loud, so most people don't know how truly IGNORANT AND SELFISH people around them really are!  I mean, we can already guess, right? Look at our superficial, substance-lacking world today!  Take a look at what's driving us?  Just look around!  But could you imagine being able to READ the minds of others???  Horrible!  The Akashic Records are doing it...the Book of Life. If you believe will be held accountable...for everything you say, think and do.  So, then why are some Christians some of the meanest and most selfish people, if they truly believe that they must give an account of their lives?  Because they don't truly understand or believe in their dogma.  (Like Peter...taking the authority of the church away from Mary...who probably truly understood the teachings of Jesus better and was his true peer...but the men founded "Jesus's" church.) 

"But, there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you.  They will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, and will bring swift destruction on themselves.  Many will follow their unrestrained ways, and BECAUSE OF THEM THE WAY OF TRUTH WILL BE BLASPHEMED.  In their greed they will exploit you with deceptive words.  Their condemnation, long ago, is not idle, and their destruction does not sleep."
2 Peter 2:1  


A lot of them I don't think even understand Jesus.  "I, Me, Mine...I, Me, Mine..."  STOP DOING THAT!!  Take it back, for Jesus...who was simply a man...a good man...that LOVED!  That LOVED with all of God's love and was "Christed"...because he knew the "truth".  So the Bible is our Aesop's Fables of sorts, spoken in Parables, and Jesus is our big brother character, that we should look up to...and strive to live like.  Jesus the Christ.  Buddha the Christ.  Mother Theresa the Christ.  The level where God's love flows out of you so freely, that you can give and give and give without it depleting you of any of your energy.  Because the overflow is just leaving you...going directly back to the your brothers...back to God.
 PRAY in your head.  Be thankful in your head.  LOVE in your head!!  Where the mind goes...the body goes!    "Awww, look at that older gentleman, I pray he has a wonderful day and is safe and loved and his health is doing fine!"   I DO THIS...I actually do this.  I pray for my fellow humans as I see them out during the day.  My sisters and brothers.  I wonder about them.  I worry about them.  I pray for them.  "OOh, God, that guy is going pretty fast...I hope he will be okay and not cause anyone else to wreck either, may he be him he needs to slow down"  Instead of "WOW What an ASSHOLE!  He just cut me off!  I hope he fucking wrecks and dies, bastard!!!"  (You KNOW you do it!!!)  And what if a week from now, because a handful of selfish people saw him racing that  day to the hospital to get to his wife's side and they bitched about how much it INCONVENIENCED THEM, passionatley sending their ire and hatred out into the universe, he wrecks because it was "put out there" that Karma needed to take action.  What if we influence the Karma.  "Release the good."  I believe we make things happen.  I believe we hold a power in our minds higher than we will ever live to or grow to know. 

Thoughts are power.   Words are power.  We create this world.  We create this reality.  Let's make it better.

I just wanted to talk about Haiti and Cambodia and it turned into a love rant.  But this was more of a spiritual rant than a theological one.  What's that saying?  Or that cartoon, rather?  Two paths diverging with signs..."To God" down the one path...or "To Debates About God" down the other path??   "Go with Go(o)d."

"Love each other or perish!!"


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