Monday, August 3, 2009

Non-Christian Thoughts on Christ

It has been said that the flesh is weak, 
But it is also stubborn,
A child rebelling against the parent of the mind.  
The flesh is weak.
The spirit is strong.  
The will is mighty. 
The nerve is plenty.  
Mind over matter.
Mind over body.
Mind over stubborness.  
Mind and spirit unite to master body, 
Our own trinity.  
The Thinker.
The Temple.  
The Holy Spirit.  
Our own personal Jesus, Krishna, Muhammed, 
One Christ.  
The Christ, of Christ, 
In Christ, Through Christ.  
We are Christ.
Christ is the spirit within. 
Christed is perfected.
Jesus the Christ.  
Leona the Christ.  
Buddha the Christ.
Christ is the highest level of spiritual attainment.  
The perfect vibration.  
Jesus Christ is the way and the light - because he is our older brother,
a finger of Christ.
Shown the way to show to all.
That is how we are saved from sin,
He exposes it, shows us the difference.
Shows us our choice.  
Our love is our God.
The spirit within - that finger, that tentacle - dwells within us all.
A tiny ember burning, yearning for the breath of faith and the spark, 
That will grow it into its own full spiritual potential. 
Its Christ finger - link. 
We are all but a link in the chain of life. 
To not realize this and not put into the universe our full positive potential - is to break the chain,
and cheat us all, and God, 
From whence the chain dangles. 

[August 3, 2009]

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