Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"To boldy go where no man has gone before..."

Should I actually start the day or sit here in my underwear for a little bit longer wasting time... ?
Ehhh...I have some time.
So, I stayed up late watching an episode of Star Trek TNG I got sucked into.  Capt. JLP was locked onto by some type of probe they found in space. He ended up waking up in another life...on another planet...married to someone.  At first he fought it trying to find a way to find the Enterprise...but this civilization was about 1000 years behind and they were in a drought.  He found no way to possibly make contact at all. 
He was there for 5 years, and then he gave up and decided to have a baby with his "wife".  He actually started living his life there.  He has this flute he plays, and his son eventually ends up wanting to study the flute  instead of attending school.  He ended up living, probably around 40 years or more on the planet, because he ages into his 70's it seems, his wife dies, his kids have kids.  Eventually he's playing with his grandson and then they call him outside to watch the "launching of a rocket".  He asks "what rocket?" and his daughter says "You've already seen it the day you came here."  Then his wife is back suddenly, aged the same as when he came, as well as the town councilmen like the day he arrived, explaining it to him.  They said they sent it up so someone would know of them and tell their story, and that, in turn, would give them life again.  And he, as an elderly man, watches the probe they find on the Enterprise being launched and realizes that he is the "someone" it is meant to make contact with...and all of those people he was "with" had been dead for 1000 years.  Isn't that a romantic notion.   That simply by recognition, we are alive.  As long as we live in memory...we still exist somehow.  Cellular memory.  We exists in those cells...we exist in them.  That civilization "existed" in Capt. JLP.  He was supposed to tell the tale of them.  He lived for all of those years as one of them in their world as they did...what better way to have the chosen one get the story straight and be able to honestly explain how they lived?  When he finally woke up back on the Enterprise, they told him he had been out for about 25 minutes!!  They pulled the probe aboard.  And what did they find in it?  The flute.  That's an interesting concept for a story even w/o the Enterprise and JLP.  Space...the final frontier.  Now the music is stuck in my head.  haha.
At the end scene he was holding his flute in his hand, almost cradling it solemnly.  He plays some beautiful notes on it, he obviously had a lot of years to get better than he was when he first held it...40 or so "years" ago.  It was a beautiful scene. I love the cinematography of ST.  Some so cheesy, so simple, but many scenes are so thought out.  From the shine off JLP's head, down to the way he advances across the room slowly, in thought.  Good stuff.   I suppose his character adds a lot to the gravity of it too, perhaps.  He's so serious.
Anyway...I thought it was an interesting episode with an interesting concept.
And I guess that's what I'm still thinking about this morning.

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