Thursday, November 19, 2015

You Pitch, I Catch Your Grief

You built this wall in the space between us, 
You brought it forth from your own mind and erected it in the center of our reality. 
You gave it a persona and a hair cut.
You named her Love and bought her a one-way ticket,
But you were unaware that you were courting Fear. 
None the wiser that you were kissing Emptiness.
You necked Regret.
You bedded Longing. 
Now you turn to me with your pain. 
You send out your S.O.S. 
Pulse code, through your heartbeat. 
You mocked me once for being weak. 
Funny, how you are now the same as I once was. 
Funny, how I do not mock your display of weakness. 
You mourn, you search, you grieve.
This separation is only an illusion, yet you believe the lies it tells. 
The truth is eternal.
The truth is wholeness. 
I am not missing from you:
Look inside and you will find me.
Go within and hold me there.

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