Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Never-Ending Dialectic

The times are changing with a pendulum swing, and much like within one’s own psyche, the farther that we seemingly head in one direction, the farther we backswing to the other side in an attempt to compensate, eventually working out some sort of order or synthesis. It feels like we have been flowing into an energetic eddy where multiple streams meet and here we stir & spin in the murkiness amongst the dissonant currents, awaiting dissolution. Sometimes this is a more organic movement, like the branching and bending in a river, whereas, at other times, it seems more synthetically generated, like plumbing ran at right angles, manipulated. The momentum of past eras and ages continues to manifest in this epoch, influencing these “movements” that are rippling out into the field now. Patterns emerge. Vibrations create their waves, a wake echoes through time and thus history is destined to repeat itself, the adage states. Unless, as the good doctor says. UNLESS. ...and the beat goes on. Yeah, the beat goes on.

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