Saturday, October 26, 2019

EBF Sonnet

So soon to wake after a night time rest? 
Soft cries alert my ears that you must feed. 
I pull you once again onto my breast. 
I answer every want and every need. 

With forlorn eyes I gaze upon your face. 
Your baby blues, two pools of water, still. 
To care for you I need a sense of grace. 
To breastfeed requires an iron will. 

A mother’s milk supply is on demand.
Her baby takes all that her body gives. 
At beck and call; “Your wish is my command!”
On this sole sustenance her nursling lives. 

I sacrifice my peace of mind and rest;
For in my heart I know that breast is best. 

#shakespeareansonnet #poetry #forfunsies 

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