Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ode to My Daughter

Her eyes well with wonder;
She looks up to the stars.
Her voice is like thunder.
She is beautiful, bizarre.

Her hair is like corn silk.
She's wild and free. 
Her skin is like fresh milk. 
She stings like a bee. 

Her smile is magic. 
She's seldom seen sad. 
Her anger is tragic;
She's tough when she's mad. 

Her compassion astounds me.
She forgives and forgets. 
Her kindness is lasting;
She gives what she gets. 

Her love is a gift;
She laughs, it's a treasure.
Her life is a wish. 
She lives for this pleasure. 

Dear Daughter, always growing.
Today you are turning five!
To my heart, you are showing,
The joys of being alive. 

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