Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kitchen Cabinets and the Yellow Sun

So, as if making invitations all weekend and then celebrating their completion until 7AM on Sunday wasn't taxing enough I decided to paint the front doors of my kitchen cabinets on Tuesday.  I was glad it was actually decent weather so I decided to take advantage of the day and finish up a project I had been wanting to get to for awhile. 

My motley cupboard doors were in need of a spruce, and my kitchen needed brightened up.  Half of my cabinets were stained wood, unvarnished, and the other half were covered in a faux wood grain formica that I wasn't exactly sure would accept paint well.  I went with a sunshine yellow and used Valspar spray paint that is primer and paint in one and is made for wood, metal, and plastic, etc.  I scrubbed all the doors, then unscrewed them at the hinges.  All different sizes of screws, because of course none of the cabinets actually match.  This proved to be more fun when we put them back on!

The paint only took about two coats, and I had just enough to finish all of the cabinets sans the one under the sink (which I am planning on painting orange).  They dried rather fast and it seems to have dried on the formica, although it is a little more prone to scratching.  We'll see how this goes over time.  Luckily they are the upper cabinets and are not used by little hands.  I would have roughed them up first with some sand paper, but couldn't find any and I was being too impulsive to wait.

So, there!  13 cabinet doors painted, and it's like I have a brand new kitchen!  Yeah...nowhere even close, but it only took a few hours and was a cheap way to change the mood of the room.  Now if it was only that easy to change out the sink.  That's a much bigger project, but coming soon enough.  In the meantime...I finally have cabinets that are coordinated in some way.  If it doesn't match, make it match!!  I actually have always said that matching is overrated, but when your kitchen is naturally dark, some artificial sunshine can go a long way!

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