Monday, October 1, 2012

I Write Amongst the Dead: Ejaculating My Word Load

Sometimes I get so solemn, so low I swear I can relate to corpses.  So low I feel the worms feeding.  Why are graveyards the best place to write in?  I stopped in at the graveyard on the way back home from an errand today.  Celie had fallen asleep while we were driving home so I swung up around to the Old Log Church for a pit stop for a few minutes.  There’s just something about that place.  I’ve been going there for a good amount of my life, either to walk around the grounds, visit dead relatives, hang out inside the building, take pictures, or to connect with nature, self, spirit.  I have always felt very peaceful in graveyards, comfortable there.

I always get in a writing mood when I am there.  I sat there today and wrote about 3 poems, just basic train of thought quick poems.  Not super quick train of thought, but very little thinking or editing.  Just what came to me. A nice little release on the dead before returning home.  It's weird, it's like I'm cumming on them, a money shot for the dearly departed.  Pardon the comparison, but I just have to get this out of me!  An "abrupt discharge" of thought.  Ahhh...that's better. A passage of necrophilia. 

It’s a good feeling to be able to experience a place like this that makes you feel so serene on the inside and reflective and inspired.  I write in graveyards.  I write amongst the dead.  Maybe I’m writing to them?  Maybe I’m writing for them?  Whatever the case, I dig it.  Yes, it's definitely October.  

Musing Through,
Missie Sue

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