Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's Been Happening?

What’s happening? What’s happening?  A lot has been and nothing, all the same.  My husband is home because he had an accident recently at work; one of the scariest days of my life, last Wednesday.  Celie’s 2nd birthday is approaching insanely fast.  I can’t get my house together; story of my life.  I need to focus more on Drifting Sun and Musing Through.  I haven’t painted in months.  I haven’t played the guitar in weeks.  There is definitely dust on my guitar, you fuck (The Murmurs - You Suck), but it’s all my fault.  I had a family reunion in July.  That month came and went.  The 4thof July, our 5th wedding anniversary, the Biannual Wilson Family Reunion, and then at the end of it my husband almost dies.  It was a HELL of a month, to say the least, with an excellent ending, actually.  I am happy to have him home.  I’m going to try to document some things quickly in the blog.  I guess I use it as a sort of timeline of my experiences also…although, not properly because I still have to blog yet about Stevie Nicks who I saw perform June 29.  Geez.  Get WITH it, Missie Sue!  I think I’m doing well considering I spent a good part of July thinking that I was losing my mind.  Depressed and so explosively low, and having head pain and taking ibuprofen daily.  Discovered I had a blockage in the sinus.  Neti potted with peroxide, there’s a blog right there!  Cleared it up and I was hungry and thirsty for the first time in 3 weeks.  Yes.  Busy month.  Blogs to come.  I’ll try to tag this with tons of them.  I’ll just post them when they occurred?  Sure, why the hell not.  This is my blog. 

The Boss, While Only Here,
Missie Sue

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